Edgewood Lights

The Portwood Family Christmas Display

We have a winner!

We are proud to announce that we are again one of the winners of the City Of Edgewood Home Decorating contest .  We are now a three time winner and a sixth time finalist.  Now I just need to map out the trip through Edgewood to view all the other winners this year.

Get out there and enjoy the lights!



2014 is a go!

The display is up and running.  See the side bar for show times.


The display is up but it’s not as fancy as last year.  No music.  Just a little animation of lights.  I’m just disappointed all around at myself more than anything.  Many factors caused it and they are too numerous to list.  Better planning could have made this easier.   In the end the only choice I had was to turn everything on and animate what I could.  So some things are dancing at least but it’s not like last year.

Next year I will be planning things better, staging more things, and over coming the issues I hit this year.



We have ended the Christmas display show for this holiday season. Thank you all for coming by.  See you in November!


We have a winner

We won the Edgewood Home Decorating contest for the Winding Trails area for now the second time!


I am pleased to announce that for a fourth consecutive year the display is a finalist in the City of Edgewood Home Decorating finalist! I was worried too because tonight I was having GFI (aka water) problems and I figured I’d get passed up.  Luckily the power held!  I’ve whittled it down to a couple of things causing it so hopefully the power problems are solved now.

Good luck to everyone.  I’ll get a link to the website to the list once they post it.


Display Time Extended

Display times have been extended until 10:30pm.  After that the lights will go into just a simple animated display with no music.  If the tune to sign is not lit that means the music isn’t running.

Weekend hours may get adjusted a little longer.  We shall see.



Jingle Bell Rock Anthem – Parody by Brian Havig


The display is ready to go

Starting tonight at 6pm and until further notice the display will be up and running from 6pm to 10pm seven days a week.  After 10pm the lights will go into a simple mode but no music will be playing.  The easiest way to tell if the display is fully active just look for the “Tune To” sign.  If it’s lit we’re on the air.

For directions please click on the directions tab above.

Happy Thanksgiving!


The display is up!

It took over a week to set the display up but I got it done.  Pictures will be added in a few days.  Things are looking good.  Running tests now.

The show starts November 22nd at 6:00pm. More information to follow.


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